KORG Volca Keys patch 1.0

Volca keys patch is a web app for controlling sound data of Korg Volca Keys synth. It offers a simple user interface in a web browser environment. Thanks to the webmidi standard (https://www.w3.org/TR/webmidi/) it works on supported browsers including mobile.

The basic idea is to control the sound with the onscreen controls and saving the results in form of “patchdata” as text file for later use. This can be done with a lot of apps, DAW’s etc. This is just the lightweightest version to me and hopefully will get some use by other users.

The random patch generator is especial fun for quickly getting very different sound out of the volca keys. By tweaking some crucial parameters like vco egint or lfo vco int  to zero you get quickly some very usable sound. You can listen to results of quick random patch changes on my soundcloud here.  

If you have some suggestions please comment here on wavesontable.com I have a few ideas to incorporate into the design like custom webaudio based lfo’s, obviously a better preset management, some midi filtering (using the Novation Launchkeys knobs for control) and tweaks to the random generation pattern.

The app runs on Bootstrap 4 for good responsivity and uses a webmidi.js javascript library by Jean-Philippe Côté https://github.com/djipco/webmidi for easier interaction with the webmidi API standard. The knobs comes from Anthony Terrien jQuery.Knob library (https://github.com/aterrien/jQuery-Knob).

Checkout the app here.

Volca keys patch mobile version
volca keys patch app on iOS
volcakeyspatch_desktop app

volca keys patch app on desktop (chrome)

3 thoughts on “KORG Volca Keys patch 1.0”

  1. Love your work!! Heres my suggestions:
    – make the patchdata a more plain font. the dark background copies into TextEdit
    – make the knobs stop when they get to the end. (its fiddly to set knobs to zero or max with mouse)
    – option for different Midi channels missing? only works on midi channel 1
    – a stack mode. 2 interfaces or an A/B for saving a layered sound using 2 Volca Keys as one patch
    – a note to remind users that the Peak control has to be adjusted manually
    – a software LFO for the Delay time for mod delay/chorus fx

    1. Thanks for the comments. All is pretty relevant and I will try to work on some of your suggestions. Number one is midi channel. Right now all the communication is set on channel 1. There should be a selector. Also the Peak and LFO waves settings could be useful for some patches/users although they cannot be controlled by midi CC’s. But could be saved in preset. This will be quick fixes. The LFO and knobs will take some time. Glad you like it.

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