Farewell to Faith No More Tribute band

My three funny attempts for covers with different instrumentation.

I have left my keyboard player post in the Faith No More Tribute Band that plays here in the Czech republic after 6 years. Just to focus on other things and have enough family time.

Going back trough the repository of files and song documentation I have find my three funny attempts for covers with different instrumentation. So here they are.

Volca Keys Livepatch

New app is here. This one is oriented on the live use of the volca keys synth. The layout is geared towards mobile specifically iOS. This web app sends MIDI CC data trough connected midi interface to KORG Volca Keys synth for quick preset loading. The idea is to use previously captured patch data from volcakeyspatch app for 6 patches. Thanks to the app you will have a bank of your own 6 presets ready for quick loading to the volca synth.

volca keys livepatch app on iOS

KORG Volca Keys patch 1.0

Volca keys patch is a web app for controlling sound data of Korg Volca Keys synth. It offers a simple user interface in a web browser environment. Thanks to the webmidi standard (https://www.w3.org/TR/webmidi/) it works on supported browsers including mobile.

The basic idea is to control the sound with the onscreen controls and saving the results in form of “patchdata” as text file for later use. This can be done with a lot of apps, DAW’s etc. This is just the lightweightest version to me and hopefully will get some use by other users.

The random patch generator is especial fun for quickly getting very different sound out of the volca keys. By tweaking some crucial parameters like vco egint or lfo vco int  to zero you get quickly some very usable sound. You can listen to results of quick random patch changes on my soundcloud here.  

If you have some suggestions please comment here on wavesontable.com I have a few ideas to incorporate into the design like custom webaudio based lfo’s, obviously a better preset management, some midi filtering (using the Novation Launchkeys knobs for control) and tweaks to the random generation pattern.

The app runs on Bootstrap 4 for good responsivity and uses a webmidi.js javascript library by Jean-Philippe Côté https://github.com/djipco/webmidi for easier interaction with the webmidi API standard. The knobs comes from Anthony Terrien jQuery.Knob library (https://github.com/aterrien/jQuery-Knob).

Checkout the app here.

Volca keys patch mobile version
volca keys patch app on iOS
volcakeyspatch_desktop app

volca keys patch app on desktop (chrome)

KORG volca keys random patch generator

VOLCA RANDOM PATCH is a little experiment in me learning javascript and CSS and application of WebMIDI standard in a simple webapp for creating random patch data for KORG volca keys.

It is a work in progress, but from version 0.1 its functional and a lot of fun if you have a volca keys some midiinterface and a web browser that supports the WebMIDI standard (Chrome is the best, on iOS I have successfully tested the free Web MIDI Browser).

There is an updated version 1.0 with more functionality for anyone to try.


Primal Audio FM4 and Yamaha TX81Z preset matching

Some say that Primal Audio FM4 synth for iOS platform is a recreation of Yamaha TX81Z FM sound module in a modern form. The app alone is promising. I miss effects because my “old” iPAD 3 with A5 processor cannot handle using another effects app trough Inter App Audio without glitches with 8 note polyphony. But when I saw a few vids on youtube of the original TX81Z what I really missed was the ability to import original syx patches. This is not possible right now and I don’t see the possibility in a near future also. This is due to the slightly different structure of the synth and the app. The envelopes which are crucial in FM synthesis have different parameters, operators also are a bit slimmed down.

So if you were hoping for a quick fix converter of patches I have bad news. But I have managed to recreate a few presets by observing the settings in an Yamaha TX81Z editor software that can load (not play) original syx patches even without the device itself. A lot of people will want the Lately Bass. So this is my take on this classic FM patch with the lovely FM4 synth by Primal Audio. I have a lot more and will post these later as a whole bank.

To try the patches you have to download the zip archive, unzip to your computer and import the files trough iTunes to your FM4 app. Enjoy.

FM4 wavesontable TX81Z classic presets 01


Korg Electribe EM1

korgelectribeem11This is one of the Korg grooveboxes with very usable internal sound set for bass/lead/instrument sounds and good set of drum samples. The drumsamples have been around the web and can be found for example here.

The bass/lead/instruments samples have never appeared or I haven’t found them and so here are some of them in SFZ format to have a taste of how this box sounds like. Some of the waveforms were probably on a CD that was shipped with the newer Electribe ESX units.

Of coarse this is only a bare sound looped and mapped over the keyboard. The filter sound depends on the sampler instrument you are using. Also effects section is missing so you have to use something similar from your vst toolbox. For now there is no control over the Amp envelope but since I’m using sforzando sfz player on my Mac I plan to implement controls for this as well for the filter in the future. So if you’re interested stay tuned or comment.

I have sampled the whole sound set of this instrument and plan to release a full SFZ library. Since it is a time consuming project I would appreciate some feedback on this just to know that someone will be interested. Thanks

Korg EM-1 SFZ