Elektron Model:Cycles random machine

iPhone web app controlling machine track parameters.

Simple web app that randomizes the chosen machine track parameters trough WebMidi CC’s (MIDI Control Change).

Choose the machine you want and a track => instant random preset. Just save the pattern our save it as a preset.

This is a “soft” randomization. Tuning, Delay and LFO parameters are left out of the equation for quicker and more usable results. I’ll try to incorporate the LFO later. On some machines the LFO can be a big help. But randomizing it is pretty wild. So I will need to find only a few of the LFO parameters that will work or make it an option to select.

Recorded on iPad with camera app and connected Model:Cycles trough USB sending the audio to the iPad.

Limited compatibility. Check the WebMidi standard and use compatible web browser.

Try it here

Elektron Model:Cycles chord machine progressions

MIDI CC to “shape” utility

Testing the idea of sending MIDI CC to the Elektron Model:Cycles’s for chord machine “shape” change. You can test the app here https://wavesontable.com/chordmachine.html

There are “skips” in the changes of shapes from Maj to min caused be a delay in midi communication. Not sure if it’s possible to eliminate it. Recorded on iPad with camera app and connected Model:cycles trough USB sending the audio to the iPad.

LINE6 POD 98′ navigator

Utility webapp useful for setting up some of the parameters on an old Line6 POD (first 1998 edition).

I remember that the users manual a book like brochure for my Line6 POD called POD pilot was such a cool thing. With all the pictures of the modeled gear and story behind it. Other gear, pedals had only a b/w copy of a manual or worst an pdf on a CD/link. This was very different in many aspects.

This small utility webapp is called POD 98′ navigator and should be useful for setting up some of the parameters on an old Line6 POD (first 1998 edition) that are not controllable trough the knobs and front panel switches.

Line6 POD 98' navigator app preview

I made this to control the reverb type switching from spring to hall. Also to work with the effect parameters. Mainly the Chorus 2 settings. I remember there was a cool “stopped” settings when you go to zero with the “predelay” parameter and everything else zeroed. It creates a cool stereo wide effect.

If there will be interest and time I may add more parameters. The main idea is to control the device from its knobs and use this only for the hidden controls. Maybe you use a Ctrl panel, your DAW, other Midi CC app. This is just more simple and you really don’t need anything else to install to run this.

On iOS i use the Web Midi browser (linked below) on PC a chrome browser.