Electribe EM-1 – E.Piano Chord Set for Volca Sample

I’m working on a bigger project for the sample but its taking time. So here is a little preview.

This one is like magic. Just find your voicing and go! The original synth wave number 46 consists of 4 samples that are tuned over the key range. The problem here is the looping. You can loop the sample on the Volca, but it plays the whole loop only. You cannot separate the attack portion of the sample. But you can do it the hard way and create the sustaining part of the sample separately. Which is what I did.

For download there are 6 files. One file containing attack portion of four chord samples. You choose the sound by selecting the “start” and “length”. Four files with the sustained portion that can be looped – start 0 end 100). In a demo below there is also a mini-drum set you can find in the last file. Again you select the sounds with “start” and “length”. There are 2 kicks, 3 snares a rim-shot and 2 hi-hats from the EM-1 sound set.

The reason for this “economy” sound management is that you need only an iPhone to load 6 files for a whole sound set. I use it a lot because I don’t need a PC, Vosyr etc. I store the files on my iCloud that way I can import them to the Audiopocket app again just with an iPhone.

Anyway. Lets hear it. Or better, play it.

E.piano Chord set – attack one shots
E.piano Chord 1 looped
E.piano Chord 2 looped
E.piano Chord 3 looped
E.piano Chord 4 looped
Mini Drum set