Korg Electribe EM1

korgelectribeem11This is one of the Korg grooveboxes with very usable internal sound set for bass/lead/instrument sounds and good set of drum samples. The drumsamples have been around the web and can be found for example here.

The bass/lead/instruments samples have never appeared or I haven’t found them and so here are some of them in SFZ format to have a taste of how this box sounds like. Some of the waveforms were probably on a CD that was shipped with the newer Electribe ESX units.

Of coarse this is only a bare sound looped and mapped over the keyboard. The filter sound depends on the sampler instrument you are using. Also effects section is missing so you have to use something similar from your vst toolbox. For now there is no control over the Amp envelope but since I’m using sforzando sfz player on my Mac I plan to implement controls for this as well for the filter in the future. So if you’re interested stay tuned or comment.

I have sampled the whole sound set of this instrument and plan to release a full SFZ library. Since it is a time consuming project I would appreciate some feedback on this just to know that someone will be interested. Thanks

Korg EM-1 SFZ

5 thoughts on “Korg Electribe EM1”

  1. Hi, i’ve been looking for ages of a soundset of the EM-1 the one you reference here on your blog on the IDM forum is actually the EMX-1 not the EM-1

    Curious if you finished this project, I do know the Em-1 got like 194 sounds
    144 Drum wave & 50 Synth wave files…

    Please let me know.

    Thnx in advance and greatly appreciated

    Greetings Yann

    1. Well, I don’t have the original drum samples from EM-1. The sample set of EMX-1 is basically the same with a few added drum sounds. I can confirm, that. That’s why I haven’t done the sampling of the drum sounds since they were already available and focused on the synth sounds. Still not ready. But I’m going back to this blog so hopefully it will be ready soon. Thanks for stopping by.

        1. Hi,
          I have the synth samples I recorded myself. By the way thanks for the link for your drum samples. I have lost my self (and time) in cutting and looping the samples. I wanted to recreate the EM1 in Volca Sample. In the post below there is a preview. https://wavesontable.com/2020/07/10/electribe-em-1-e-piano-chord-set-for-volca-sample/
          Due to copyright reasons I’m hesitant to post the whole set (when it’s done) here on the blog. I could let you know when it’s available.

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