Primal Audio FM4 and Yamaha TX81Z preset matching

FM vs TX81Z

Some say that Primal Audio FM4 synth for iOS platform is a recreation of Yamaha TX81Z FM sound module in a modern form. The app alone is promising. I miss effects because my “old” iPAD 3 with A5 processor cannot handle using another effects app trough Inter App Audio without glitches with 8 note polyphony. But when I saw a few vids on youtube of the original TX81Z what I really missed was the ability to import original syx patches. This is not possible right now and I don’t see the possibility in a near future also. This is due to the slightly different structure of the synth and the app. The envelopes which are crucial in FM synthesis have different parameters, operators also are a bit slimmed down.

So if you were hoping for a quick fix converter of patches I have bad news. But I have managed to recreate a few presets by observing the settings in an Yamaha TX81Z editor software that can load (not play) original syx patches even without the device itself. A lot of people will want the Lately Bass. So this is my take on this classic FM patch with the lovely FM4 synth by Primal Audio. I have a lot more and will post these later as a whole bank.

To try the patches you have to download the zip archive, unzip to your computer and import the files trough iTunes to your FM4 app. Enjoy.

FM4 wavesontable TX81Z classic presets 01


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